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Press Release

Szrek2Solutions Announces Release of Trusted Draw™ Electronic Drawing System

New Innovating Secure Electronic Drawing System is now available from Szrek2Solutions

East Greenwich, RI, September 15, 2003: Szrek2Solutions today announced release of its innovating electronic drawing system, Trusted Draw™, that provides security level not seen anywhere in the gaming industry. While there is more demand for electronic drawing systems, increasing system security risks and growing costs of security make it a real challenge. Trusted Draw™ responds to that need by providing ultimate electronic draw security at a reasonable price, due to its simple yet powerful technical solution.

The company's patent pending methodology of generating Unpredictable and Auditable Random Numbers is used to provide this novel approach to draw numbers security. "What we have here is what seems a paradox become reality – random numbers that can be at the same time unpredictable and verifiable. For the first time one can prove integrity of the computerized drawing, even years after the draw was held.” says Walter Szrek, Senior Systems Consultant and Co-Founder of Szrek2Solutions. Security expert, Russ Housley, from Vigil Security LLC evaluated the methodology and wrote: “The clever design of the Szrek2Solutions random number generator provides unpredictable and auditable random numbers for use in gaming applications.”

What made this accomplishment possible is the ingenious application of cryptographic methods in a novel environment of random numbers generation. Digital signatures applied together with gaming experience produced what one of interested potential customers called “one of the most elegant digital signature applications he has ever seen”.

Szrek2Solutions will be offering Trusted Draw™ product as a complete product and service delivery, consisting of electronic drawing engine, video display, and audit system. 

Szrek2Solutions will present Trusted Draw™ product at the NASPL conference in New Orleans September 15-17 2003.

Headquartered in East Greenwich, RI, Szrek2Solutions LLC ( is an international consulting and product design startup firm specializing in secure software solutions for gaming systems.