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Szrek2Solutions, LLC (S2S) was founded in 2002 by Irena and Walter Szrek, both with over 20 years of experience in on-line lottery systems. Previously they contributed to GTECH Corporation’s growth from a small startup into an industry leader in lottery systems.

S2S designed and patented a breakthrough RNG (Random Number Generator) that introduces a new meaning to system security. The RNG method provides transparency, protecting against any type of fraud. It detects insider fraud, which constitutes 90% of computer fraud and is hardest to prevent and trace.

S2S launched its RNG in September 2005 in Denmark (press release, pdf). The random number server, Trusted Play™, supplies game outcomes for Dansk Tipstjeneste’s instant games played over the Internet. S2S also provides high availability audit systems for the Lottery and the State Auditor, which ensure system integrity. All systems run 24/7/365, without operator’s interaction, automatically recover from hardware or network errors.

S2S prides itself in supplying innovative, effective yet simple solutions to solve our customers’ problems. We are dedicated to constantly improving quality of our products and to providing excellent personal support. S2S strives to apply best technology to bring resolution to existing problems and provide new high standards to the industry.

(An excerpt from Public Gaming interview w/Dansk Tipstjeneste IT Director Jorgen Falsvig)
PGI: How would you characterize Szrek2Solutions and the product they deliver?
JF: They have extremely high knowledge of the lottery business after having been working for one of the major suppliers for many years. We knew from an earlier project that they were highly professional in all aspects. Their products are very advanced, ahead of the times and secured for the future.
PGI: Was the Trusted Play system easy to implement?
JF: No implementation is easy, but they solved all problems fast and efficient.
PGI: Is Trusted Play performing up to expectations?
JF: Absolutely
(full article, pdf)

Both S2S's founders possess knowledge of software development, project management, systems engineering, and lottery business. Irena has experience in introducing software products to the market, managing international development teams, and directing software services. Walter has experience in system architecture, design and implementation of lottery products. S2S specializes in system integrity and security, game design, RNG-s, system communications, and high volume transaction processing.