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- July / August 2016 - Public Gaming International Magazine, article "The Importance of Security and Fraud Detection for Electronic Drawings", Summary: -Electronic draw systems based on RNG have become an integral part of the lottery industry and require utmost security to reduce exposure to potential fraud. Insider fraud, where an employee of the lottery, an operator, or vendor, takes advantage of their system knowledge and access to the system to fix a draw outcome, is the most dangerous and difficult to detect. There are existing security methods that can protect lotteries against such fraud. ( article )

- July 2016 - Szrek2Solutions delivered its most advanced electronic draw solution - Trusted Draw™ and Trusted Audit™ Systems - to the Iowa Lottery Authority. The Iowa Lottery is now running its electronic draws on state-of-the-art equipment with fraud detection and independent audit. Iowa Lottery CEO Terry Rich said that his organization started using the Szrek2Solutions RNG last month and plans to use it for many more draws in the future, including promotional draws and backup draws for all games. “The new equipment’s capabilities help us validate our drawing results and ensure the security and integrity of our lottery’s procedures,” Rich said. ( document, pdf)

- February 2016 - Szrek2Solutions’ Trusted Draw™ and Trusted Audit™ Systems Selected by Iowa Lottery. Iowa Lottery CEO Terry Rich said that the Lottery took note of the ease with which it could interface with Szrek2Solutions’ equipment as well as the reporting features that the equipment provided. “Szrek2Solutions’ proposal aligned well with the details in the Lottery’s request for proposals for drawing equipment,” Rich said. ( document, pdf)

- October 2015 - Lottery industry leaders are responsible for enforcing the integrity of their games which depends largely on the reliability and integrity of the RNG system that a lottery uses. With the recent conviction in Iowa and with further discoveries of RNG fraud cases in two other states, senior management is questioning the integrity of their own electronic drawing machines. As experts in lottery RNG systems and suppliers of a RNG system with 100% fraud detection, we propose a solution to RNG integrity and insider fraud detection. ( document, pdf)

- September 2015 - The recent RNG fraud conviction of MUSL Security Director Eddie Tipton demonstrates that it is possible to compromise RNG systems without leaving a trace. Even though MUSL deployed a very secure environment for its drawing system, Tipton was able to ‘fix’ the draw and was caught only because of the suspicious way in which he tried to cash the winning ticket. One fraud case was brought to justice, but how many other cases remain uncovered? ( document, pdf)

- May 2015 - Investigation of the Iowa fraud case continues. The prosecution believes that Tipton used a self-destructing rootkit to tamper with the lottery's random number generator. "One of the things we don't see much when we talk about computer security ... is physical access to the machine by somebody intent on doing evil," Jacobson [an expert, Iowa University professor] said. "If you can physically gain access to a system, touch it as a person intent on doing evil, there's very little that can be done to stop you."

Actually, the technology exists that can stop this; Szrek2Solutions’ RNG technology allows to mathematically verify generated random numbers, time of draw and draw process; so if this RNG technology was used, it would have detected the fraud or proven draw integrity. As it happened, there was no systemic fraud detection, rather preventive measure were used. Consequently, there is no proof, only circumstantial evidence.

This case brings up important issue for the lottery industry. RNG-s are and will be used by lotteries for many reasons. RNG vulnerability to fraud should be addressed, to prevent cases like this from happening. They cause too much damage to the industry. The lotteries need to review the RNGs they use - are they fully secure in case of insider attack and do they provide conclusive fraud detection? More on typical RNG security risks and available defenses against insider fraud. ( document, pdf)

- March 2015 - Due to recent lottery fraud case in Iowa we felt it was our responsibility to write about typical RNG security risks and available defenses against insider fraud. We believe it is essential for lotteries to be able to verify without a doubt if a RNG draw was compromised; that only making RNG events auditable will make them secure against fraud. We want to provide lottery industry with necessary tools to detect RNG fraud. ( article, pdf)

- September 2014 - Szrek2Solutions announced that it has recently launched its Trusted Draw 360™. System has been demonstrated at the NASPL 2014 and used for instant draws and second chance draws. ( press release, pdf)

- January 2014 - Starting a new year brings up some reflections of the previous one: 2013 was a good year for our business. Szrek2Solutions delivered Trusted Draw™ system to three lotteries -Luxemburg Lottery, Oregon Lottery and Texas Lottery, in cooperation w/GTECH. Trusted Draw also started operation in Italy supporting an internet game offered by Sisal. In addition we delivered an e-Instant system to GTECH for use with multiple lotteries. Last year Szrek2Solutions celebrated its 10-th anniversary .

Brief summary in numbers: 10 Year Anniversary of Szrek2Solutions, 8 Years operating trusted products, 16 Certifications of S2S's RNG, 18 Customer deliveries, 100% Uptime, 0 Hotline calls, 2,000,000,000 Audited random numbers. ( full newsletter, pdf)

- April 2013 - Szrek2Solutions announced that it has recently launched its Trusted Draw™ System, in cooperation with GTECH Corporation, IMARCS Group and Oregon Lottery. Szrek2Solutions signed a five year license and service agreement with GTECH, to deliver Trusted Draw™ Systems and technical support services to perform draws for Second Chance Games for the Oregon Lottery. The Trusted Draw System generates winners for second chance draws for Oregon Lottery’s instant games. Lottery players register their tickets on the Lottery website. Before the draw all ticket and player information is provided to Trusted Draw System, where it is used to generate draw outcomes. To ensure draw security, Trusted Draw digitally signs ticket and player data creating a draw “seal” and generates unpredictable, statistically independent non-repudiable winning results. ( press release, pdf)

- May 22, 2012 - Szrek2Solutions announced that it has been awarded US patent no 8,182,327 “MANAGEMENT OF OUTCOMES OF GAMES OF CHANCE”. The subject of this invention is a novel and unique way of performing drawing for games of chance. The drawing method allows for controlling probability that at least one wager wins the main prize. For traditional game types, such as Lotto or Joker, a game provider cannot control the frequency of the jackpot winnings, whether they are too often or too seldom, without changing the game matrix. But changing the matrix of the game is not always desirable. This innovative method from S2S offers gaming organizations control over winning jackpot games, while preserving the games and their integrity. For some games, it is desirable to reduce the odds or to ensure a jackpot winner from time to time. For other games, it may be desirable to reduce frequency of jackpot winning to produce higher prizes. This patented method allows guaranteeing jackpot winners with desired probability. Szrek2Solutions incorporated this new method in its Trusted Draw™ electronic drawing system and it is now available to current and new clients. ( press release, pdf)

- July, 2011 - Szrek2Solutions announced that it has entered into a five-year agreement with BIGABOOM, a Russian state-licensed gaming company, to provide its Trusted Draw™ system platform and related services. To ensure secure selection of winners and allow verifying integrity of draws for BIGABOOM games, S2S will be providing its Trusted Draw™, Trusted Audit™, Trusted Transaction™ and Trusted Monitor™ products. S2S's secure electronic draw platform will be connected to the BIGABOOM gaming system, providing high degree of automation for the draw process and time-stamping of wagers. In addition to standard draws, it will perform ‘raffle style’ draws, which will guarantee jackpot winners for variety of games including lotto. S2S will offer functionality to initiate draws and audit of draws remotely which will be essential to support BIGABOOM’s TV draw program. The speed of the draw and winner selection process will provide viewers with the excitement of witnessing real-time draw. ( press release, pdf)

- November, 2010 - Szrek2Solutions will continue providing its secure Trusted Play solution for the Italian instant games ‘gratta et vinci’ for the internet platform. Szrek2Solutions LLC and Lotterie Nazionali S.r.l., a subsidiary of Lottomatica, entered into a nine-year license and services agreement for provision of Trusted Play™, an RNG Server and Audit system used in conjunction with instant games offered by Lotterie Nazionali to players in Italy over the internet platform. Trusted Play offers a high performance RNG Server generating random bet outcomes for e-instant games and Trusted Audit™ provides essential functionality to verify integrity of the games and to satisfy Italian regulator's strict audit requirements. Lottomatica indicated that it had selected Szrek2Solutions and Trusted Play primarily for reasons of technical advantage of the RNG solution, proven reliability, system integrity and transparency. Trusted Play solution fulfills well the technical goals of Lottomatica’s internet ‘gratta et vinci’ program and is a good fit for the instant bets interactive platform.

- September, 2010 - Szrek2Solutions LLC (S2S) announced that it has entered into an agreement, after a competitive solicitation, with South Carolina Educational Lottery (SCEL) to provide its Trusted Draw™ and Trusted Audit™ systems. S2S will perform a draw service for the South Carolina Raffle game to select winners for the Early Bird draw and the Final draw and perform a draw audit to verify integrity of the draw. To provide the service S2S will use its Trusted Draw™ and Trusted Audit™ products, which include most advanced secure RNG technology on the market. ( press release, pdf)

- March, 2010 - Szrek2Solutions LLC has been granted a US patent # 7,627,497 titled 'Method for selling lottery tickets from a POS terminal'. The patent encompasses a method and system for selling game of chance tickets at a POS cash register and can be used for both lottery and other social games tickets. It has potential application for sale of customer selected game outcomes and computer generated game selections, such as Quick Picks, at a cash register without any additional equipment in the supermarket lane or any custom software in the cash register, without exposing ticket security and with additional benefits of age control and integrated accounting. ( press release, pdf)

- November, 2009 - Szrek2Solutions LLC (S2S) announced that a certification of its Random Number Generator (RNG) has been completed by Technical Systems Testing (TST). The certification was performed for the Kansas Lottery Holiday Millionaire Raffle game. The RNG platform is used in the S2S Trusted product suite including the Trusted Draw™ secure electronic draw system.

- October, 2009 - Szrek2Solutions LLC announced that it will supply its Trusted Draw™ secure electronic draw system to the Kansas Lottery. Trusted Draw™ will be used to select winners for the Kansas Lottery Holiday Millionaire Raffle game. The Trusted Draw™ system supports multiple games and offers a rich selection of available features. For raffle and second-chance win games, it allows selecting draw numbers from very large ranges (up to 1 billion) and supports very high number of prizes (over 100,000). Lotteries can use the same draw system for future raffle games or other game types and be fully confident in the winning results – Trusted Draw™ has a 100% reliability record and has never failed in its operation. ( press release, pdf)

- April, 2009 - Szrek2Solutions announced that it has entered into a non-exclusive collaborative agreement with GTECH Corporation to promote S2S’s Trusted product suite. In mutual interest to respond to demand for electronic draws in the gaming industry, GTECH has evaluated S2S’s suite of secure, trusted products and will promote these as business opportunities present themselves. ( press release, pdf)

- April, 2008 - Szrek2Solutions developed and delivered RNG and RNG Audit for Multiplayer community games on Trusted Play+™ platform for Danske Spil. Players in Denmark can now participate in Multiplayer games offered over the Danske Spil’s internet platform with the same level of security as Instants and e-Bingo, utilizing the most secure and advanced random number server available to the gaming industry. Trusted Play+ system provides secure RNG outcomes for the variety of Multiplayer games, ensuring very high performance. Trusted Audit™ system, in a fully automated manner proves mathematical integrity of the RNG process and certifies that there was no fraud, including insider fraud. Audit also proofs and verifies game information and offers internal control functions such as bet integrity verification and winner selection verification that are provided directly to the internal or external Auditor. In addition Trusted Monitor™ system offers the Lottery and the Auditor ability to monitor all the processes and the game / transaction data. (press release, pdf)

- Nov 27, 2007 - Szrek2Solutions releases a new product, Trusted Ticket, introducing protection to lottery tickets by digitally signing them in real-time. A secure server generates security codes based on ticket data and a random element, using digital signature or time stamp. Security codes get printed on tickets or are included on electronic receipts. When winning wagers are about to be validated / paid, an Audit server verifies the security codes on the receipts to ensure that they are original and not falsified. The security concept is based on the fact that no single party has access to all the information required to generate tickets / receipts. The technology used is the same as in other Trusted Products and so is the high performance. (press release, pdf)

- Oct 3, 2007 - 1) Szrek2Solutions features its Trusted Raffle™ secure electronic raffle draw system at  the World Meet '07 Conference and Expo in Louisville. Kentucky. (visit S2S in the booth #33)                                                                                             2) Szrek2Solutions signs a sales agency agreement with France-based LudWin Group, to promote S2S products and services worldwide. (press release, pdf)

- July 4, 2007 - Trusted Draw™ was used by the Florida Lottery to select winners for the draw of the Firecracker Millionaire Raffle game. The ease of use of Trusted Draw™, robustness of its RNG, and advanced security, provided for an 'uneventful', smooth draw. 237 winning numbers were selected in three prize categories out of 1.5M pool of tickets. A file with winning numbers was produced in the format required for the transfer to the on-line system.

- May 21-25, 2007 - Szrek2Solutions has been presenting its Trusted Family™ of products in Budapest at the European Lotteries Congress. Featured product, Trusted Transactions™ stirred general interest, presenting a simple solution to a complex issue of securing transactions before a draw or event. Patent pending methodology used by S2S, applying cryptographic functions, is integrated with other Trusted products or offered separately, which makes it applicable not only to lottery games but also to sports betting.

- April 18, 2007 - Trusted Audit™- Trusted Process through Trusted Data - has been presented as a Smart-Idea at the Public Gaming SMART-TECH conference in Las Vegas. Trusted Audit was presented in a cost-saving and new technology categories. (view presentation, pdf)

- February 2007 - Szrek2Solutions has been granted a patent in the UK (# GB2412467) for their RNG invention entitled "Method of Generating Unpredictable and Auditable Random Numbers".

- January 2007 - South Carolina Educational Lottery (SCEL) has used Trusted Draw™ to generate winners for the Carolina Millionaire Raffle on-line lottery game. Trusted Draw provided SCEL with a cost effective way to run the draw and to ensure draw integrity. Draw process selected 366 winning tickets and went very smoothly.

- January 2007 - Szrek2Solutions' Random Numbers Generator (RNG) has been tested and certified by Gaming Laboratories International, Inc (GLI). This adds a US certification to previously obtained certifications of the RNG by European laboratories/ firms.

- December 2006 - Trusted Draw™ system with Trusted Audit™ and Trusted Monitor™ has been launched in Pakistan by Comset Services. Szrek2Solutions' system supports loyalty type dual draws (regular numbers draw and raffle draw), audit of draw results, winner selection and prize calculations.

- November 2006 - Trusted Play+™ has been launched in Denmark by Danske Spil. In addition to secure instant game outcomes Trusted Play+ is providing draw results and audit for e-Bingo game off the internet platform. Also Szrek2Solutions installed a Trusted Monitor™ product to provide Danske Spil with monitoring capabilities for the internet instant games, e-Bingo draws and audit.

- October 2006 - Szrek2Solutioins announces release of Trusted Play+ at NASPL conference in Chicago. Trusted Play+™, integrated Trusted Play and Draw on a single platform, is an innovative random number server generating instant and interactive game outcomes and draw results in a secure way, providing fraud protection through its Trusted Audit system, mathematically proving integrity of drawing and betting and providing verification of winner selection. (press release, pdf)

- September 2006 - Szrek2Solutions signs a license and service agreement with Comset Services Ltd to provide Trusted Draw™ secure electronic draw and audit system. Trusted Draw™ will be used in conjunction with the loyalty draw to be launched by Comset in Pakistan this fall. Comset will use the audit functionality in Trusted Draw to verify the integrity of the draw and to detect any potential fraud. (press release, pdf)

- May 8, 2006 - Trusted Draw™ secure electronic draw and audit system starts up in the UK - Chariot celebrates system launch and the first draw of 'monday' game. Draw and audit processing is fully automated and includes verification of winner selection and prize calculation.

- April 2006 - Szrek2Solutions starts development of Trusted Play+™, integrated common platform for Trusted Play, Trusted Draw, and Trusted Audit. Initially Trusted Play+ will support generation of outcomes for instant games and draws for e-Bingo and other interactive games. It will also include Trusted Monitor™ to monitor RNG and audit processes and functions. (product overview, pdf)

- March 8, 2006 - Szrek2Solutions signs a license and service agreement to provide Trusted Draw™ secure electronic draw system with audit to Chariot lottery.   (press release, pdf)

- March 2006 - Szrek2Solutions presents Trusted Transactions™, unique method to secure transactions before a draw with audit capability, at  the Public Gaming Smart Tech 2006 conference in Las Vegas.    (view presentation, pdf)

- November 2005 - Public Gaming International published an interview with Dansk Tipstjeneste's IT Director, Jørgen Falsvig, who speaks highly about Szrek2Solutions and the Trusted Play system:"... [S2S] have extremely high knowledge of the lottery business after having been working for one of the major suppliers for many years. ... they were highly professional in all aspects. Their products are very advanced, ahead of the times and secured for the future."    (full article, pdf)

- October 2005 - Szrek2Solutions announced that it obtained a US patent for “Method of Generating Unpredictable and Auditable Random Numbers.” The method makes a breakthrough in RNG applications where system integrity is critical, such as electronic draw systems or instant bet generation. It is applicable for wide range of games, including class 2 & class 3, bingo, keno, lotto, numbers and card games on variety of betting platforms - internet, mobile, VLTs, slot machines.     (press release, pdf)

- September 14-16, 2005, Szrek2Solutions presented their Trusted Play™ random numbers server and Trusted™ Draw electronic draw system, both based on their secure RNG with audit, at NASPL conference and lottery expo in Minneapolis.

- September 13, 2005 - Trusted Play™ random numbers server was launched in Denmark to provide, in cooperation with Betware, instant betting services over the internet. In addition to two RNG servers generating instant games outcomes, Szrek2Solutions supplied real time logging of the outcomes to three audit systems, one internal and two external. Trusted Play and Audit system operation is automated - all systems work 24/7 and do not require operator intervention. The Trusted Play system is equipped with enough processing power to sustain the highest bet volume a lottery can hope for - 700 bets per second from a single server.

- July 6, 2005 - Szrek2Solutions signed a license and services agreement with the Danish Lottery, Dansk Tipstjeneste, for the implementation of Trusted Play™, an instant bet generation and audit system, offering the most advanced random number security available to the gaming industry. Trusted Play™ will be used to generate the bet outcomes for instant lottery games offered by Dansk Tipstjeneste to lottery players in Denmark over its existing internet platform.   (press release, pdf)

- March 1-3 2005 - Trusted Play™ secure instant bet generation system presented at Public Gaming SMART-Tech 2005 in Las Vegas. Presentation: TRANSPARENCY of ELECTRONIC BETTING (INSTANT WIN GAMES) available upon request.

- November 14-18, 2004 - Trusted Draw™ presented at WLA Congress in Durban, South Africa; Trusted Draw™ breakthrough security featured at WLA Security Forum.

 - September 7-9, 2004 - Trusted Draw™ breakthrough RNG technology and captivating graphics presented at NASPL conference in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. (Breakthrough article)

- July 2004 - Szrek2Solutions' Trusted Draw™ electronic draw system featured in Public Gaming International -July 2004 (pdf, p.25)

- June 28-July 2, 2004 - Szrek2Solutions attended ILAC/Expo 2004 in Miami Beach, FL.                (view presentation, pdf)

- June 6-8, 2004 - Szrek2Solutions attended NAGRA Conference in San Antonio, TX. Both Trusted Draw™ and Trusted Play™ products were presented and obtained much attention and praise from the gaming industry regulators and suppliers.

- FEB 8, 2004 - Szrek2Solutions presented Trusted Draw™ at SMART-Tech 2004 conference in Memphis, TN. (view short presentation, pdf)

Szrek2Solutions received Public Gaming SMART-Idea award for the innovative secure electronic draw system.

- DEC 4, 2003 - Szrek2Solutions presented Trusted Draw™, secure electronic drawing system, at NASPL Security Directors conference in New Orleans.(view presentation, pdf)

- SEP 15, 2003 - Szrek2Solutions introduced Trusted Draw™, secure electronic drawing system, at NASPL conference in New Orleans.(view press release)