There is no limit

Every game supported
Fast-paced, interactive & new innovative games
Large portfolio of certified games
Advanced game features
All games run on a single RNG system
Our games have
Efficient draw processes
    1. Automation of draw steps
    2. Execution of concurrent draws with single request
    3. Pre and post processing of player prize, and game data
Effective game management
    1. Games are pre-configured and can be changed or added immediately without software changes
Integrated draw animation
    1. With upload to social sites and TV
Expert support
    1. Next business day and emergency support
Raffle and 2nd chance
  • Draw from range (up to 2 Billion)

  • Draw from file (up to 50 million records)

  • Simplified pre-and post processing of data

  • Streamlined draw process

    • large number of winners (up to 65,000)

    • multi-tier winnings

    • weighted odds of winning

    • single win per player

  • Traditional draw games

    • Lotto (any matrix): simple, with add-on, multi-board

    • Keno (any type)

    • Numbers (pick 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, … )

    • Joker (6, 7, 8, …)

    • Add on games, Instant wins

    • Other traditional games

  • Backup for mechanical draw machines

    • All draw games including lotto, numbers, …

Frequent draw games
  • 5-min Keno, Rapido

  • Bingo

  • Simulated races (horse, car, …)

  • Other frequent draw games

Interactive games
  • Instant games (depleting, non-depleting pools - Class 2, Class 3)

  • Single player and multiplayer games: e-Bingo, card, dice

  • Probability games

  • Traditional games

Innovative games
  • Guaranteed win for lotto and numbers (nearest win, numbers combination)

  • Controlled odds games (lotto jackpot with guaranteed win probability)

Quick pick
  • Quick Pick for any games including lotto, numbers, …