We offer solutions for different lottery needs including offline, isolated & connected configurations.
We cover the complete draw process from start to finish.  All solutions offer full proof of integrity and 100% fraud detection.

draw elements

Covering the complete draw process from start to finish.
All draws are automatically scheduled based on predefined schedule
draw scheduling
draw system automatically schedules draws based on a predefined schedule
RNG Draw Request
draw request
either a manual draw is invoked by draw personnel or an automated request is sent from the gaming server
Szrek2Solutions ensure transparency or RNG with secure draws and proof of integrity!
secure draw and proof of integrity
RNG engine confirms hardware and software integrity, generates draw numbers, and creates a proof of draw integrity, used later for independent verification
One Step of Ensuring Transparency, Draw Reports
creation of draw reports
RNG engine compiles configurable reports that detail the draw process and draw outcome in a variety of formats
Complete draw results easily shared
draw results complete
draw results are displayed and can be printed and/or exported; reports can be signed by draw personnel
Bring the results to life with draw animation.
rendering of draw animation
animation manager performs automatic rendering of the draw results animation with voice over (optional)
Trustworthy verification on independent audit system.
export of proof of integrity
proof of integrity is transferred to the independent audit system for verification of draw integrity
Audit system detects all potential fault or fraud!
full integrity verification
audit system performs full proof of integrity verification –detects any errors and draw manipulations; audit system can be also integrated with an internal control system (ICS)  (optional)
All draws are verified prior to announcement.
public announcement
the Lottery can now communicate the verified draw results to the public
Social media receives draw results
results sent to social media
draw animation video is sent to the Lottery website, social media and TV (optional)

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