Multimedia Suite™(MMS) is a platform for building and distributing media content for draw presentations.

MMS is a system designed to allow Lottery personnel to quickly render and distribute multimedia files without requiring special graphical design skills or experience.

MMS provides a simple, semi-automated way to push the multimedia draw presentation files to TV stations and/or social media.

All media rendering is currently done through Adobe After Effects (AE), which supports a wide variety of output formats. MMS can be configured to render output files in any format supported by AE. For our purposes, these can be divided into three categories: video, audio, and static graphics.

Video: The rendered videos could be in the form of MPEG, MOV, AVI, H.264, etc.

Audio: Rendered output could be MP3, AIF, WAV, etc.

Static Graphics: Rendered output file formats may include PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, or any of many other still image formats supported by AE.


Flexible Animation: Animation is designed to allow the Lottery modifications to a standard drawing video with additional elements.

  1. MMS system combines draw results in XML format with 2D or 3D video components (templates) built to Lottery specifications by professional designers using AE and other video compositing tools.
  2. The templates can include optional user-configurable elements such as promotional messages, jackpot amounts, seasonal elements, game logos, etc.
  3. The system supports creating multiple renderings with voice over and different encoding and resolution options for different target platforms (i.e. for web, mobile, television, radio, etc.).
  4. MMS user interface (Media Manager) allows operators to configure and test different media content options before the draw.
  5. Automated Media Rendering and Review

System Security MMS resides on a hardened Windows 10 system. All incoming ports are blocked, the only outgoing ports are the ports used by MDM for media distribution.

All users are logged as standard users without privileges to manipulate the firewall or other system resources.

When the Media Manager receives the draw results from TD 360, in XML format, it automatically merges them into the video template(s) and renders the draw video and/or audio output files in the desired formats.

The Asset Manager interface is used to monitor the rendering process, and the rendered files can be played by draw manager for review, archived to backup, and exported to the Distribution Manager (DM).

The Distribution Manager DM is used to upload the rendered files to destinations such as web sites, FTP servers, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. TV, radio.

Coming soon!

Szrek’s multimedia suite generates videos that share winning numbers with players on TV stations and/or social media. These animations can offer company branding and be customized for each lottery.