Trusted Play™ supplements the Trusted Draw platform by offering a high performance RNG for instant games and multiplayer game outcomes, for a wide range of gaming products and environments.

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1. Trusted Play is a redundant, highly scalable, distributed system with typical application for on‐line, real-time betting on Internet and mobile platforms, for interactive TV betting, Video Lottery, casino betting and on‐line lottery systems.

2. Trusted Play with associated Trusted Audit ensures gaming transparency, functions in a fully automated manner, processing over 2,000 draws per second.

3. A single Trusted Play system can support many instant and interactive game types as well as multiple jurisdictions. Trusted Play can be deployed in primary and backup data centers, with one or more Audit systems, and optionally with the Trusted Monitor™ system. There is also a Trusted Play+™ system available, which merges Trusted Draw and Play functionality on a common hardware platform.

Various Trusted Play generation methods were certified, such as instant win games with depleting or non-depleting pools of outcomes (class 2 and class 3 games), session based games, such as card games, etc.         view certifications

trusted play was first deployed in 2005 and has since enabled multiple lottery customers to prove the integrity of their bets, including Danske Spil S/A, IGT,  Sisal S.p.A., etc.

  1. Certified RNG for instant win (class II and III: with depleting and non-depleting pools of RNG outcomes), for Quick Picks (e.g. lotto, bingo), and for interactive games (e.g. cards, dice) across different gaming platforms (online lottery systems, Internet, mobile, VLT)
  2. Designed for 24/7/365 (continuous) operation
  3. Reliable RNG system to meet all gaming needs, with 100% availability
  4. High performance RNG system capable of a high number and many concurrent draws (up to 2000 requests per server/second)
  5. Automated functionality allows for the operation of day-to-day operations without operator intervention, enabling low cost of ownership.
  6. Easily configurable for new games, games can be added dynamically without stopping the system
  7. Easy to integrate with gaming system
  8. Ability to work in multitenant configurations in which multiple entities have separate partitions on the same RNG
  9. Next business day response/support
  1. Irrefutable proof of RNG integrity
  2. NIST Certified tamper-evident hardware (Hardware Security Module) used to generate random numbers
  3. An independent system (Trusted Audit) recreates the RNG outcome based on the proof of integrity to offer a completely transparent security solution:
    1. Independent Systemic Audit can be used independently by the lottery, a 3rd party, or integrated with an ICS system
    2. Independent systemic audit with 100% fraud detection provides:
      1. Proof of the integrity of the time of generation, numbers generated, associated game data (e.g. RNG outcome belongs to a specific player), RNG hardware
      2. Proof available for each and every random number generation (current and past)
      3. Proof that can be used in the court of law
  1. Trusted Draw integration
  2. Trusted Monitor – remote secure access for monitoring Trusted Play and Trusted Audit in real time
  3. Emergency Support – access to expert emergency support available 24/7.

Trusted Play™ (TP) – innovative RNG server generating instant and multiplayer game outcomes on variety of platforms and channels in a secure way, detecting any potential fraud against gaming system. It is a high performance redundant, highly scalable, distributed system. It consists of two independent TP RNG servers and optional automated Trusted Audit system.

Typical use of TP system is for on-line real time applications for betting over the internet platform, for mobile betting, interactive TV betting, Video Lottery, casino betting and on-line lottery systems.

Trusted Play Overview

Trusted Audit (TP Audit) is an integral part of Trusted Play+ System. It runs on a server residing on the same LAN or VPN as Trusted Play+ RNG Server (TP RNG). Its main function is to ensure integrity of draws and games. It audits random numbers generated on TP RNG and it provides internal control functions for the Game Server. It supports audit of instant game outcomes, audit of electronic drawing, verification of bet integrity, instant game winner verification and draw game winner selection audit. It is usually configured as one or two redundant TP Audit servers. Each one of these servers provides full audit functionality.

Trusted Play Audit