Trusted RNG is a secure system infrastructure for random number generation and digital timestamping; enables integrity verification capabilities and 100% fraud and fault detection.

1. Provides a common infrastructure and tools for the integrated functionality of all Trusted Products.

2. The RNG platform is based on Szrek2Solutions patented technology that ensures the nonrepudiation of random numbers: the irrefutable proof of integrity that can be verified anytime.

3. RNG platform supports a range of systems from basic standalone systems to complex online configurations with backup systems and disaster backup sites.

4. The platform accommodates growth, allows for the seamless introduction of new games and features, and supports the most demanding interactive environments.

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  1. Universal – delivers random numbers for all game types
  2. Secure – offers new future proof digital security paradigm for electronic draws
    Nonrepudiation: guarantees undeniable proof of integrity for every transaction and all draws or random numbers (methodology patented in the US and internationally)
  3. Certified – RNG and security certified for many games by independent labs
  4. Tamper proof – security protected by NIST certified Hardware Security Module (HSM)
  5. High performance – transaction engine with digital signing and time stamping (proof of transaction time)
  6. Easy integration – external interface via standard or custom protocols, installed with several vendors
  7. Field proven – deployed in over 15 jurisdictions since 2005
  8. Reliable – providing lotteries 100% availability and no errors since 2005
  9. Self-operating –Lights Out Trusted Operations (LOTO Principle): products run without operational interventions required
  10. Scalable – all trusted products are distributed processes and performance can be increased by adding more systems
  11. Interoperability – multiple trusted products can be leveraged to work on common hardware and share resources
Szrek2Solutions  RNG summary and methodology    June 2017