Trusted Ticket™ server secures paper and electronic tickets and provides authentication of lottery tickets in various gaming environments and at different Points of Access (POA), including.

1. Tickets printed on 3rd party lottery terminals,

2. In-lane cash registers,

3. Point of Sale (POS),

4. Or electronic tickets on mobile phones.

Ticket authenticity is verified independently by Trusted Audit to endorse prize payment. Trusted Ticket does not require specialized software in POAs.

  1. Securing paper and electronic tickets and provision of authentication of lottery tickets in various gaming environments and at different Points Of Access (POA).
  2. Digital time-stamping of critical ticket data in real-time, useful for verification of the authenticity of tickets. Provides nonrepudiation of ticket data.
  3. Secures tickets for lottery terminals, in-lane cash registers, POS, mobile phones, etc.
  4. Connected to one or many lottery host systems.
  5. No specialized software required in Points of Access (POAs).
  6. Creates unique indicia (strings of numbers) that cannot be verified without information from the original ticket.
  7. Verification does not require other transactions such as sign on, login, etc.
  8. API provided for automated verification from the gaming system or for manual verification via Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  9. 24/7/365 Automated functionality allows for the operation of day-to-day operations without operator intervention, enabling low costs of ownership.
  10. Highly available and scalable system with built in redundancy and disaster backup feature built in.
  11. Performance and response time sufficient for very high volume transactions, including during periods of lotto mania.
  12. No software changes are required when new games are added.
  13. Next business day response/support
  1. Irrefutable proof of ticket integrity
  2. NIST Certified tamper-evident hardware (Hardware Security Module) used to digitally time-stamp data.
  3. Proof of the content of tickets can be verified anytime and can be used in the court of law.
  1. Trusted Monitor – remote secure access for monitoring the Trusted Ticket system in real time
  2. Emergency Support – access to expert emergency support available 24/7.

A verifiable method of securing authenticity of POS lottery tickets and electronic receipts

Trusted Ticket Overview