trusted transactions™ server is offered to secure transactions by digitally time-stamping transactions in real-time. Such a solution is especially useful to secure bets before the (electronic or mechanical) draw. Time-stamping creates a proof of data content which can be verified any time. Digital time-stamping constitutes legal proof of content and guarantees detection of data manipulation. Some lotteries (e.g. German Lotteries, Israeli Lotteries) require that lottery transactions are digitally time-stamped to prove that they were not modified after the draw. Such digital time-stamping also meets the requirements of MUSL’s Rule #2 in the US. Trusted Transactions would also meet the performance requirements of the biggest lotteries during lotto mania.

trusted transactions was introduced in 2007 and was used by Danske Spil and Sisal on their interactive platforms.

  1. Digital time-stamping of transactions in real-time, useful for different solutions including securing bets before the (electronic or mechanical) draw.
  2. The gaming system offloads the digital time-stamping functionality to the Trusted Transactions system. The gaming system does not need to store and process digital signatures. No additional systems and applications are needed, only a small effort and low risk implementation is required for integration.
  3. Digital time-stamping can be introduced without impacting transaction flow.
  4. 24/7/365 Automated functionality allows for the operation of day-to-day operations without operator intervention, enabling low costs of ownership.
  5. Highly available and scalable system with built in redundancy and disaster backup feature built in.
  6. Performance and response time sufficient for very high volume transactions, including during periods of lotto mania.
  7. No software changes are required when new games are added or another gaming system is added.
  8. Ability to time-stamp transactions from many sources.
  9. Next business day response/support
  1. Irrefutable proof of transaction integrity
  2. NIST Certified tamper-evident hardware (Hardware Security Module) used to digitally time-stamp data.
  3. Proof of the content of transactions can be verified anytime and can be used in the court of law.
  1. Trusted Monitor – remote secure access for monitoring the Trusted Transactions system in real time- Emergency Support – access to expert emergency support available 24/7.

Digitally timestamp, record and verify transactions. High performance transaction engine processing up to 2,000 TPS.

Trusted Transaction