Microsoft introduces secure, verifiable voting that is “tamper evident”

Since 2005, Szrek offers RNG solutions with proof of integrity. The principle of our approach is that we cannot guarantee there will be no fraud,  but that it is possible to detect 100% of fraud attempts, making them virtually useless. Microsoft has introduced a voting software as part of its “Defending Democracy” project based on the same principle. The software is called ElectionGuard and shares our approach to integrity: ElectionGuard is designed to be ‘tamper evident’ – to make it immediately obvious if the system is tampered with, just like our RNG products. Senior cryptographer, Josh Benaloh, explains why Microsoft also chooses to create software that is tamper evident: “There’s nothing that I can do — that anyone can do, for that matter — to ensure there’s no meddling.” But tamper evident system will allow to detect any such meddling.

This exact concept is the foundation of Szrek2Solutions RNG technology.

voting machine room

 As Microsoft Executive Burt says, “It doesn’t assume that the devices can’t be hacked, because that’s a foolish assumption. But what it does do is it says: Even if it does (get hacked), how can we make it pointless for them to do that?”

For more information about Election Guard technology, see Microsoft’s blog here.

For more about Microsoft’s first official test of ElectionGuard, see CNN Business news here.