Reduce costs, ensure integrity

How to improve lottery operations and ensure draw integrity

IMPROVE LOTTERY OPERATIONS, two targets, on system. Reduce costs, ensure integrity

Szrek2Solutions’s electronic draw system (EDS) technology makes it possible to save on operational costs while also offering an exceptional security model through proof of integrity.

Streamline operations

Enhancing Operations

improve lottery operations, reduce costs and ensure integrity

Szrek’s EDS is adaptable to individual lottery needs and goals. Lotteries can choose between various system configurations with different levels of connectivity and automation. They can improve lottery operations by streamlining of all aspects of the process from the draw scheduling to when results are sent to the public.


o Reduces operational costs and complexity
o Reduces staff hours
o Reduces potential human errors
o Provides opportunities to improve and streamline the draw process
o Allows for easily adding new games without increasing costs

Improve lottery operations

Systems offer increased efficiency in many domains and can have different levels of automation, allow for integration with the gaming system, internal control system or external monitoring system, with the flexibility to meet regulatory requirements.

The system environment can be customized to the specific needs of the jurisdiction and lottery.

Different games can use higher or lower level of automation. For example, draws for some games can be triggered from the gaming system, while others can be drawn manually with results shared automatically with the gaming system.

The EDS can serve as a backup and ensure 100% availability. Szrek systems are very robust and reliable, as attested by more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

Proof of Integrity

Effective security

proof of integrity POIAs technology progresses, lotteries are faced with the challenge to evolve traditional ball machines to EDSs, and once deployed to keep the draw systems aligned with technological developments and increasingly critical security and integrity requirements. It is not enough to use the traditional approach that relies on protective security measures, as integrity problems and potential fraud can be overlooked. Such problems/issues are difficult to spot because incorrect or fraudulent numbers look just like randomly generated outcomes. Conversely, legitimate draws may have ‘non-random’ looking outcomes, such as sequential numbers or numbers in patterns, and lotteries always need to be ready to address integrity concerns.

So, the introduction of an EDS requires the appropriate security methodology to address the challenges and mitigate the risks. The EDS needs transparency in the draw process and effective security methods to prove the integrity of each draw through conclusive audit. Szrek’s EDS methodology provides such proof of integrity through non-repudiation in random numbers generation. The EDS creates unpredictable, unmodifiable data which is independently validated by an autonomous audit function. Hardware as well as software faults and potential attacks against the EDS are conclusively detectable via such methods. Equally the integrity of ‘suspected’ but valid draws can be proven with the proof of integrity and its independent audit.

The ideal security approach uses prevention while also providing conclusive detective measures such as proof of integrity.

Core Integrity Factors for EDSs and RNGs.

Thomas BierbachCore Integrity Factors for EDS and RNGs. Thomas Bierbach, a consultant to Bulletproof, a GLI Company, and lottery security authority, recently shared his perspective about core integrity requirements for electronic draw systems and RNGs. We share his recommendations on RNG integrity (here) as we believe they provide an important guideline for the lottery industry. His discussion is in alignment with our company vision, “to have the industry embrace non repudiation and proof of integrity as a standard for random number generation.”

Thomas Bierbach

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