20 Years in Business at Szrek2Solutions

Szrek2Solutions 20th Anniversary as a Lottery Industry Leader in RNG Technologies



“When electronic draw systems debuted two decades ago, we pioneered a groundbreaking technology that introduced transparency into the ‘black box’ of random number generation.  Our Trusted Draw and Play products have become synonymous with transparency and reliability, setting a benchmark for integrity in the lottery industry. We take this moment to thank our clients, partners, colleagues, and staff for their contributions and continuous support.”

-Irena Szrek, CEO

Szrek2Solutions LLC proudly marks its 20th anniversary as a lottery industry leader in RNG technologies. Two decades ago, the company introduced a revolutionary methodology to generate verifiable random numbers. Szrek2Solutions RNG products have set industry standards, offering draw non-repudiation and verification capability alongside advanced draw features, customizability, draw automation, and comprehensive monitoring. The Trusted Product Suite is based on Szrek2Solutions’ original patented method for generating unpredictable and verifiable random numbers, and additional patents for managing of game outcomes, securing lottery transactions, selling tickets on POS terminals, and safeguarding lottery receipts.

RNG Technologies

Over the past 20 years, Szrek2Solutions has deployed RNG, draw, and audit systems globally, consistently demonstrating operational excellence and reliability. Szrek2Solutions has provided RNG solutions for all types of lottery games including daily and weekly games, frequent draw games, Raffle, 2nd chance, Quick Picks, electronic instants, etc., for many high-security environments. Their first deployments in 2005 and 2006 featured automated high-performance RNG systems with audit and remote monitoring by the lottery regulator. Szrek2Solutions continues to evolve the quality and functionality of its high-security RNG systems with integrity verification and has become the choice RNG vendor amongst the leading central gaming system vendors and lotteries.

Headquartered in Rhode Island, USA, with a European office in Portugal, Szrek2Solutions serves an impressive roster of clients, including IGT Corporation, Scientific Games International, and lotteries worldwide including Florida and Texas lotteries in the United States, the South African Lottery and Totalizator Sportowy (Poland), amongst others. An Associate Member of lottery associations WLA, NASPL, and CIBELAE, Szrek2Solutions has played a pivotal role in establishing industry standards and best practices for Random Number Generation.

Here’s to 20 years of innovation, trust, and ongoing commitment to shaping the future of the lottery industry!