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Szrek2Solutions’ RNG technology remains cutting-edge 15 years after receiving the SMART idea award at PGRI Smart Tech

Over a decade since we received the Smart Idea award,

and still future proof!

The PGRI Smart Tech conference is just around the corner…

Szrek2Solutions presented its RNG technology at PGRI Smart Tech 15 years ago. Then three years later, Szrek2Solutions’ RNG technology was again showcased at PGRI Smart Tech. Both times Irena Szrek, CEO, demonstrated to lottery executives how RNGs can be both unpredictable and verifiable. This ground-breaking technology allows lotteries to have 100% certainty that each RNG number is verified for all potential problems, whether they are related to hardware failures, software faults, or any manipulations. This gives lotteries, regulators, staff, and perhaps most importantly players, a guarantee that the randomly generated numbers are valid and that each player has a fair chance of winning.

We urge more lotteries to understand why this technology is a must-have:

Now, 15 years later, more lotteries are using RNG technology for their draws, e-instants, and interactive games. Unfortunately, the industry has been shaken up by undetected RNG system faults and fraud cases.

In contrast, our clients have been able to prove that each of their draws did not have a malfunction, fraud, or other problem. They have been able to take advantage of Szrek2Solutions’ verifiable RNG technology which offers nonrepudiation – proof of the origin and integrity of the random numbers.

We are proud to have a technology that remains just as ground-breaking as it was at inception, protecting lotteries and players.

Here are some highlights from our 2004 & 2007 presentations:

◊   The RNG cartoon, in-line with public perception, suggests that one can never be sure if generated random numbers are truly random. Although this seems intuitive and correct, this is actually a myth! With RNG nonrepudiation, which is only offered by Szrek, you can verify unpredictable random numbers!

◊   Szrek’s patented methodology provides objective and conclusive mathematical proof of RNG integrity, detecting all errors and fraud attempts (including insider fraud).

◊   Szrek’s methodology enables trust in the draw process through trust in unbiased data: this is a major paradigm change – you no longer need to rely on process and procedures but you can actually check the data to verify integrity.

For more details, view the presentations and see for yourself how material presented over a decade ago remains future proof!

If you haven’t seen it already, check out our short 2-minute animation describing the technology HERE:

Szrek Technology Animation

By the way, we’ll be at PGRI Smart Tech in Florida next week. Please send us a message if you’d like to schedule a meeting at [email protected] or look for us there.