What can lotteries do to build upon their relationships with retailers?

Szrek2Solutions is building retail relationships

Each year, NASPL challenges each of its associate members to respond to a question relevant to all lottery and associate members. This year, NASPL asked us “What can lotteries do to build upon their relationships with retailers?” Retailers are a key partner to all lotteries, so the question deserves some thought! We encourage you to see what other associate members responded in the NASPL Insights Magazine (pages 90-97). Here is some background for our response:

Szrek2Solutions works directly with lotteries and vendors, providing its secure RNG and other solutions, assuring security for players and all stakeholders – ensuring random draw outcomes and transparency. By providing our draw system with proof of integrity, we also give lotteries and their draw teams proof that the draws were fair. In addition to providing RNG solutions for draw games, we also provide random number generation for promotions aimed at retailers. These programs are intended to reward retailers and to improve retailer performance. As a key partner of lotteries, retailers also deserve a fair chance of winning! Please have a look at our response below regarding the program we have joint with the Texas Lottery Corporation through our partnership with IGT.

Lotteries rely heavily on retailers, and all programs that improve lottery-retailer relationships are a win-win. Szrek2Solutions supports the TexasLottery Commission’s Retailer Cash Incentive Program via our contractual relationship with IGT Texas by providing our Trusted Draw™️ EDS system with a Random Number Generator and our Trusted Audit™️ Integrity Verification system. The drawing portion of the cash incentive program awards prizes to retailers and encourages increased sales. The Trusted Draw system is designed with weighted odds, or multiple shares, to reward retailers for sales performance: higher performing retailers can earn more shares and get a better chance to win a drawing prize. In this way, the Lottery rewards the retailers and gives them an incentive to sell more tickets in the future. This encourages retailers to streamline the process they use to sell tickets to the end customer and improve the variables that retailers can control – ensuring that they have all scratch tickets in stock while optimizing ticket placement and lottery game merchandising efforts. We believe this drawing solution is of value to the Texas Lottery Commission and allows them to drive same-store sales and revenue growth.


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As a key partner of lotteries, retailers also deserve a fair chance of winning!

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