Szrek2Solutions’ Trusted Draw System to Help Support Vaccine Promotion in the State of Nevada

Press release


As vaccine promotions become more popular, we are pleased to partner with IGT, offering our RNG-based Trusted Draw™ system to select the winners in the Vax Nevada Days vaccine promotion.

Szrek2Solutions’ Chief Technologist, Walter Szrek, said: 

       We are pleased to provide IGT with our Trusted Draw solution, to ensure full integrity and transparency of the Vax Nevada Days drawing. In addition to its Trusted Draw RNG system, Szrek provided its Trusted Audit to verify the draw results. Thanks to the flexibility and maturity of Szrek’s RNG platform, experience and high levels of professionalism, the launch happened at a blazing speed.  

Szrek’s Trusted Draw™ system ensures that all promotion winners are selected randomly and offers full transparency of the raffle-based draw results. Winners of every draw can be verified by the independent Trusted Audit, ™ which mathematically proves the integrity of the selected winning records.

This type of service is available to lotteries or state entities seeking to quickly add a vaccine draw or provide other draws and promotions. 
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After the initial rollout of vaccines, the daily rates of vaccinations started to drop. In order to meet vaccination targets, community leaders began offering incentives to encourage higher vaccination rates. Incentive programs offer various prizes including gift cards, cash rewards, and lottery tickets. Direct cash rewards can send the wrong message and may not be enough to excite people… but money in gigantic sums are shown to be an effective motivator. For more about why governments are creating lotteries for vaccination incentives, read here. 

Public entities are creating various approaches to vaccine lottery pools, including offering all vaccinated people a ticket and creating “regrets sweepstakes,” when an unvaccinated person may get selected to win, but will not be able to accept the prize. The Behavior Change for Good team believes this will create extra incentive for those who don’t want to miss their chance at winning. To read more about UPENN’s targeted study on regrets sweepstakes, read here.