Ask the Experts: How is Szrek’s RNG system different than other RNG systems?

The primary difference between Szrek2Solutions’ and other RNGs is that our system allows lotteries or 3rd parties to mathematically verify that the results generated by the RNG are valid, honest, and random, while other systems cannot prove their results.  Other systems instead focus on securely recording their draw results after they are generated.

But if the RNG is compromised or malfunctioning, securely recording invalid results does not offer any protection. Other RNG vendors do not offer proof of integrity.

In our case, our technology provides proof of integrity for each draw which is created as part of the generation of the random numbers.

There are also many other factors that make our system exceptional and differentiate it from other RNG systems:

  1. Reliability in high volume, complex environments with 100% availability of RNG Systems over 15 years of operations and for billions of numbers that were generated and proven for their integrity.
  2. Exceptional Customer satisfaction
  3. Customer service and assistance available 24/7/365 but rarely required!
  4. Every game supported with games easily changed or added:
  5. Protection against human operational errors and mistakes:
  6. 100 % detection of RNG hardware faults and deterioration:
  7. 100% detection of RNG fraud and manipulation:
  8. Verification of unusual patterns in RNG results:
  9. Growth Potential

when I play I trust

The Szrek2Solutions’ RNG has been certified by several independent U.S. and international labs and deployed successfully since 2005 by numerous lottery operators and state licensed lotteries in the world. Customers include IGT Global Solutions; Texas Lottery, Oregon Lottery, Georgia Lottery, Kentucky Lottery, New York Lottery, Rhode Island Lottery,and Iowa Lottery in the United States; Scientific Games International in Austria; ONCE in Spain; Lottomatica and Sisal in Italy; Loterie Nationale in Luxembourg; and Ithuba in South Africa.

In addition to Trusted Draw™ and Trusted Audit™, Szrek2Solutions’ Product Suite includes Trusted Play™, a high performance RNG server for generating outcomes for e-instant games and multiplayer games, Trusted Transactions™ for securing lottery transactions, and Trusted Ticket™ for authenticating lottery tickets. Headquartered in Rhode Island (USA), with a European office in Portugal, Szrek offers reliable RNG product implementation, deployment, and support.

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