2017 Lottery Trade Shows and Conferences

European Lotteries conference in Krakow

Szrek attended the European Lotteries conference in Krakow in summer 2017. At our booth, we showcased trusted draw and trusted audit. Trusted draw picks the random numbers and trusted audit verifies them on a fully independent system, detecting any manipulations to the RNG system. We also showed visitors our animation platform. Animation manager takes the draw numbers and automatically renders them into an animation with voice over, which can then be shared on TV and social media.

Szrek presented their trusted products and multimedia suite at NASPL17 in Portland

Szrek2Solutions presented its Trusted Products at NASPL17 in Portland. Visitors were interested in seeing how Trusted Draw 360 and Trusted Audit work together. There was significant lottery interest around posting draw animations to social media through Szrek’s Multi-Media Suite.

Thanks to all that passed by, both friends and colleagues that we have known for years, and to the new people that we met! We enjoyed Portland and this wonderful conference that NASPL organizes each year. This conference has become an annual tradition for us; since 2003, we’ve attended and often had a booth. It is always a real opportunity to speak to our colleagues/partners, existing customers, and potential customers – thanks to NASPL and to all attendees!

Szrek's booth at the Krakow Conference
Tony Cooper with Walter Szrek Portland

Szrek discussed New Developments and Best Practices in RNG at the NASPL Professional Development Seminars

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