2016 Call to Action and Conference Presentations

Lottery industry leaders are responsible for enforcing the integrity of their games which depends largely on the reliability and integrity of the RNG system that a lottery uses. With the recent conviction in Iowa and with further discoveries of RNG fraud cases in two other states, senior management is questioning the integrity of their own electronic drawing machines. As experts in lottery RNG systems and suppliers of a RNG system with 100% fraud detection, we propose a solution to RNG integrity and insider fraud detection.

NASPL Professional Development Seminar

Szrek2Solutions gave a presentation at the NASPL Professional Development seminar titled, “Independent RNG Fraud Detection for Electronic Drawing Machines”. They discussed the threat of insider fraud to electronic RNGs and how the RNG solution can protect against insider fraud.

NASPL Atlanta

Szrek presented their products, including the Multi-Media Suite (MMS), at the NASPL conference in October in Atlanta. MMS is a platform for building and distributing media content for draw presentations.

It is designed to allow Lottery personnel to quickly render and distribute multimedia files without requiring special graphical design skills or experience. See an example MMS draw presentation.
Read more about MMS!

European Security Conference

Nuno Sousa Pereira joins RNG security panel at European Lotteries Security and Integrity conference in Malaga.  Please see his attached presentation about Fraud Detection and Integrity Verification.

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