10 Year Anniversary of Szrek2Solutions

Starting a new year brings up some reflections of the previous one: 2013 was a good year for our business.We delivered Trusted Draw™system to three lotteries-  Luxembourg Lottery, Oregon Lottery and Texas Lottery,in cooperation w/GTECH. Trusted Draw also started operation in Italy supporting an internet game offered by Sisal. In addition we delivered an e-Instant system to GTECH for use with multiple lotteries.

Last year Szrek2Solutions celebrated its 10th anniversary. Here is our brief summary in numbers:

10 Year Anniversary of Szrek2Solutions LLC

8 Years operating trusted product suite platform 16Certifications of our RNG from multiple labs

18 Customer deliveries around the world

100% Uptime

0 Hotline calls

2,000,000,000 Audited random numbers

when I play I trust

We are proud to have been a successful business for the last ten years: we have developed a suite of innovative products, obtained numerous certifications, were granted several patents, delivered draw and audit systems to lotteries and lottery operators worldwide, and provided problem-free support. Over the last decade we designed and implemented an RNG platform based on our secure patented method, which uses PKI (public key infrastructure) technology. It introduces guaranteed integrity and transparency to the RNG process, which became more critical in the on-line / internet based draws. The platform has been developed to offer a suite of products to perform traditional draws off line and online, generate outcomes for instant games, protect related game information such as wagers and player info and support transparent draw process with auditing and monitoring.

The RNG has been certified for numerous games by international certification labs, including GLI, TST, Eclipse, Fortech, Russian certification authority, and Italian and Danish Universities. Overall we have obtained 16 certifications.The RNG method has been patented in the US, the UK, Canada, and Australia. Other lottery related patents were granted to Szrek2Solutions and several more were submitted.

Since 2003 Szrek2Solutions has been implementing trusted product suite and delivering systems to lottery customers. Our trusted systems have been in the field operation for the last eight years, with 100% uptime, having generated and audited over 2 Billion random numbers.

Szrek2Solutionshas been providing 24/7 support for these systems with 0 hotline calls to date. Over the years Szrek2Solutions had 18 customer deliveries, always on time. Our customers include Danske Spil S/A, GTECH Corp., Lottomatica S.p.A, Italy, Loterie Nationale Luxembourg, North Carolina Educational Lottery, Oregon Lottery, Sisal S.p.A, Texas Lottery Commission. Our product suite includes: Trusted Draw™ -certified digital auditable draw system providing secure transparent fair winning numbers for lottery-type games. Suited for traditional Raffle, Lotto, Numbers, and fast-paced games such as Keno, and Bingo, offline, online and Internet; Trusted Play™ -certified high performance RNG system generating real time game outcomes for interactive and instant win games; Trusted Audit™ -automated verification system for RNG draws and game outcomes, designed to audit outcomes from Trusted Draw and Trusted Play systems; Trusted Monitor™ -real-time monitoring system for use with Trusted Draw, Play and Audit systems.

Szrek2Solutions’ systems integrity and transparency is ensured by patented technology. Draw outcomes are verified with Trusted Audit system-individual numbers are mathematically verified along with associated game and player data. Szrek2Solutions provides secure software systems solutions: our patented technology offers field proven, certified, most reliable RNG solution on the market, with approach and methodology of the future. Our ultimate goal is to provide the best in class, trusted products with integrity, dedication to details and exceptional customer service.

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