Launch of Trusted Draw 360™

szrek2solution press release

Szrek2Solutions announced that it has released its Trusted Draw (TD) 360™ System.

The new release introduces several innovating draw application features while maintaining its certified patented RNG platform and backward compatibility with previous versions of the Trusted Draw and Trusted Audit systems.  Followed by market interviews, the new system release has concentrated on improved draw usability and ownership cost reduction.

Trusted Draw 360 offers elegant user-friendly ergonomic and simple user interface with an addition of touch screen. It provides flexible configurations of draw and game features so that actual draw performance is streamlined to a single step, yet the system supports any type of draw games, including draws from files such as 2ndchance draws. System provides capability to carry draws for multiple customers and jurisdictions simultaneously, so a single platform can serve many uses and users, local and remote, without compromising security. This can lead to significant long term cost reductions.

TD360 works in a standalone offline and remote access mode, or connected to a lottery gaming system. Draws are invoked manually by a draw manager or automatically by a gaming system. In the standalone mode TD is an independent draw system accessed locally or from a distant location, requiring   a draw manager and a draw auditor to log in before performing a draw; for multiple draw events drawing process is automated. This methodology ensures easy draw handling, high performance and high security, as required by lotteries. In online mode draws are triggered by a gaming system: a draw request is sent to the TD system and after the draw results are sent back to the gaming system. TD 360 works also in a hybrid mode, where draws can be invoked by the gaming system and manually.

TD360 uses Szrek2Solutions’staple RNG which generates statistically independent random numbers. It digitally signs draw data creating a draw seal and derives draw results out of this seal. The seal and draw results can be verified automatically by Trusted Audit system or verified results can be sent to the ICS system for comparison with the gaming system’s data.

By using Trusted Draw lotteries and system vendors gain the assurance of draw integrity and transparency –the guarantee that random numbers cannot be predicted or fraudulently changed without detection. Also draw time is sealed and cannot be manipulated. TD sealing and verification methods are legally acceptable proofs of integrity. The TD360 system provides a secure and reliable RNG method for traditional on-line, internet, mobile and other gaming channels. It utilizes RUN+A (Random Unpredictable Numbers with Audit) patented method based on asymmetric properties of digital signatures.

The RNG has been certified by several US and international labs and has been used with no issues for last 11 years by numerous lottery operators and state licensed lotteries, including Danske Spil in Denmark, Luxembourg National Lottery, Lottomatica and Sisal in Italy, and Texas Lottery and Oregon Lottery in the US.Szrek2Solutions’product suite includes also Trusted Play™, a high performance RNG server generating outcomes fore-instant and multiplayer games, Trusted Transactions™, securing lottery transactions, Trusted Ticket™, authenticating lottery tickets, Trusted Audit™ providing integrity verification and audit, and Trusted Monitor™, allowing remote monitoring of RNG and audit processes and reporting.

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