Patent awarded “Management of outcomes of games of chance”

szrek2solution press release

Szrek2Solutions announced that it has been awarded US patent no 8,182,327 “MANAGEMENT OF OUTCOMES OF GAMES OF CHANCE”. The subject of this invention is a novel and unique way of performing drawing for games of chance. The drawing method allows for controlling probability that at least one wager wins the main prize. For traditional game types, such as Lotto or Joker, a game provider cannot control the frequency of the jackpot winnings, whether they are too often or too seldom, without changing the game matrix. But changing the matrix of the game is not always desirable. This innovative method from S2S offers gaming organizations control over winning jackpot games, while preserving the games and their integrity. For some games, it is desirable to reduce the odds or to ensure a jackpot winner from time to time. For other games, it may be desirable to reduce frequency of jackpot winning to produce higher prizes. This patented method allows guaranteeing jackpot winners with desired probability. Szrek2Solutions incorporated this new method in its Trusted Draw™ electronic drawing system and it is now available to current and new clients.

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