Agreement extended with Danske Spil

Szrek2Solutions developed and delivered RNG and RNG Audit for Multiplayer community games on Trusted Play+™ platform for Danske Spil. Players in Denmark can now participate in Multiplayer games offered over the Danske Spil’s internet platform with the same level of security as Instants and e-Bingo, utilizing the most secure and advanced random number server available to the gaming industry. Trusted Play+ system provides secure RNG outcomes for the variety of Multiplayer games, ensuring very high performance. Trusted Audit™ system, in a fully automated manner proves mathematical integrity of the RNG process and certifies that there was no fraud, including insider fraud. Audit also proofs and verifies game information and offers internal control functions such as bet integrity verification and winner selection verification that are provided directly to the internal or external Auditor. In addition Trusted Monitor™ system offers the Lottery and the Auditor ability to monitor all the processes and the game / transaction data.

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