Patent awarded in UK, partnerships formed with LudWin Group, Szrek products featured, 2007 in review

Szrek2Solutions celebrates diverse accomplishments in 2007!

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1) Szrek2Solutions was granted a patent in the UK (# GB2412467) for their RNG invention entitled “Method of Generating Unpredictable and Auditable Random Numbers”

2)  Szrek2Solutions featured its Trusted Raffle™ secure electronic raffle draw system at  the World Meet ’07 Conference and Expo in Louisville, Kentucky.

3) South Carolina Educational Lottery (SCEL) has used Trusted Draw™ to generate winners for the Carolina Millionaire Raffle on-line lottery game. Trusted Draw provided SCEL with a cost effective way to run the draw and to ensure draw integrity. Draw process selected 366 winning tickets and went very smoothly.

4) Trusted Audit™- Trusted Process through Trusted Data – was presented as a Smart-Idea at the Public Gaming SMART-TECH conference in Las Vegas. Trusted Audit was presented in cost-saving and new technology categories.


5) Szrek2Solutions signs a sales agency agreement with France-based LudWin Group, to promote S2S products and services worldwide.

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