Release of Trusted Ticket

Szrek2Solutions releases a new product, Trusted Ticket™, introducing protection to lottery tickets by digitally signing them in real-time. A secure server generates security codes based on ticket data and a random element, using digital signature or time stamp. Security codes get printed on tickets or are included on electronic receipts. When winning wagers are about to be validated / paid, an Audit server verifies the security codes on the receipts to ensure that they are original and not falsified. The security concept is based on the fact that no single party has access to all the information required to generate tickets / receipts. The technology used is the same as in other Trusted Products and so is the high performance.

Szrek2Solutions LLC announced the releasing of Trusted Ticket™ solution, providing a verifiable method of securing authenticity of lottery tickets (paper and electronic) via use of time stamp of ticket data. Ticket Security Code is printed on tickets and stored on e-tickets and it is verified independently to authenticate tickets and endorse prize payment, providing protection from insider fraud. Trusted Ticket™ can be used in conjunction with any on-line game platform and any sales channel (e.g. standard cash registers). It can serve as a common ticket security denominator for multi-jurisdictional games or hybrid systems.

Trusted Ticket system consists of a secure Trusted Ticket Server that digitally signs transaction time and ticket data and generates Ticket Security Codes and an Audit Server used for ticket authenticity verification. Trusted Ticket Server is a high performance system, using tamper evident, NIST certified Hardware Security Module to generate Ticket Security Codes. Audit Server allows to mathematically verify Ticket Security Codes and ticket data on winning tickets, endorsing valid tickets for prize payment. Standard cryptographic functions are used to generate digital signature of ticket data, transaction time and a random element to ensure that valid tickets can not be fraudulently produced.

The strength of the security concept is based on the fact that no single party has access to all the information required to generate tickets. Trusted Ticket Server is offered as a ‘black box’ solution, communicating with a gaming server via a standard XML interface. Different types of gaming servers are supported – traditional on-line host systems and third party host systems, such as POS (point of sales) system or an internet or mobile system. Multiple Trusted Ticket Servers can be used with a common Audit Server, which may be applicable to multi jurisdictional games or gaming systems with game servers from multiple suppliers. Changes to lottery system or third party system are limited to the interface layer. No changes are required to the third party terminals. On-line and off-line verification methods are supported.

Trusted Ticket has potential application to secure authentication of any type of bet receipts, including traditional lottery transactions on a wide range of betting platforms, including conventional lottery terminals, video lottery terminals, POS terminals, other third party terminals, and internet and mobile phone wagering.

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