Agreement with South Carolina Educational Lottery

Szrek2Solutions LLC (S2S) announced that it has entered into an agreement, after a competitive solicitation, with South Carolina Educational Lottery (SCEL) to provide its Trusted Draw™ and Trusted Audit™ systems. S2S will perform a draw service for the South Carolina Raffle game to select winners for the Early Bird draw and the Final draw and perform a draw audit to verify integrity of the draw. To provide the service S2S will use its Trusted Draw™ and Trusted Audit™ products, which include most advanced secure RNG technology on the market.

S2S’s Trusted Draw™offers a secure electronic draw platform to replace or augment mechanical draw systems. Trusted Draw works stand-alone or connected to a gaming system, providing high degree of automation. It offers optional built-in animated draw presentation and audit function providing the draw process its exceptional security -based on mathematical proof of draw transparency and integrity.

Trusted Draw generates non-biased auditable random numbers for raffle and other games of chance. Combined with its audit capability,Trusted Draw platform allows detecting insider fraud. The RNG and audit methods used by Trusted Draw have been patented in the U.S.and internationally and the RNG has been certified by several labs including Gaming Laboratories Inc (GLI). The RNG platform is field proven since 2005,generating hundreds of thousands of verified random numbers daily. The audit platform mathematically proves integrity of random numbers and associated game data.

S2S’s RNG platform includes also a Trusted Play™product, a high performance RNG server generating outcomes fore-instant games and multiplayer games,for wide range of gaming products and environments. Trusted Play and associated Trusted Audit™ensure gaming transparency and function in a fully automated manner.

Other S2S’s products include Trusted Transactions™, securing lottery transactions, Trusted Ticket™,authenticating lottery tickets, and companion products: Trusted Audit™providing integrity verification and audit, Trusted Monitor™, allowing remote monitoring of RNG and audit processes and reporting.

Szrek2Solutions LLC is a private, international consultancy and product supplier dedicated to secure solutions for the gaming industry. Headquartered in Rhode Island, S2S offers product implementation, delivery, support, and consulting services in the area of gaming systems,data security, system architecture, and game design.Szrek2Solutionscustomers include Lottomatica and Danske Spil. For more information, please visit

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